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Disaster or opportunity? The impact of telecommunications deregulation on people with disabilities

John Gill & Tony Shipley
February 1997

A review for COST 219 by the UK Group

© Copyright reserved, 1997

Reproduction of this document, except for the purposes of the RNIB and COST 219, is forbidden without prior permission. Permission is hereby given for the quotation of short extracts, provided that the source is duly acknowledged. The information and comments are presented in good faith but readers intending to act upon them are advised to obtain independent confirmation of critical points before so doing.


Preface and summary

Winners and losers

Safeguards for disabled users

Universal Service - What is it?

The market in terminal equipment


Annex 1: Liberalization of telecommunications

Annex 2: Telephone terminal equipment

Annex 3: The European single market

Annex 4: Opening up the telecommunications market


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