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Conference on Accessible Biometrics

Edited by John Gill and Marek Rejman-Greene

NB: Please note tha some slides may not be complete or may be missing from some presentations.

Welcome and introduction - Marek Rejman-Greene, BT

The wider scene - Lord Erroll

Accessibility - Dimensioning the challenge and opportunities - Dr. John Gill, RNIB

Biometrics - Introductory key concepts and review of aspects relevant to accessibility - Clive Reedman, Chairman iAfB

ID cards update - Henry Bloomfield, Home Office

Biometrics and the elderly - Peter Hawkes, consultant

The user perspective - Lynne Coventry, NCR

Designing for accessibility - Julian Jones, consultant

The Financial Sector and biometric accessibility - Will McMeechan, Nationwide Building Society

Research dimension - Gerry Mogg, Gerry Mogg Associates

Testing - Tony Mansfield, National Physical Laboratory

The role of international standards - Marek Rejman-Greene, BT

List of participants

The conference was held on 18th May 2005 at DTI Conference Centre, 1 Victoria St, London SW1

Biometrics offers the opportunity of authenticating people by who they are (using their fingerprints, face images, voice patterns, etc) - rather than what they remember (e.g. passwords) or what they carry (cards). Recently, there has been a surge of interest with these technologies being proposed for passports and ID cards. Other systems are in use for PC security, payment and even for 'clocking in' at work.

Using a biometric in a specific service will help some disabled people, while others may be disadvantaged. Drawing upon the limited experience in the field, this conference brought together technology suppliers, designers of systems, operators, researchers, standards bodies and people with disabilities to propose realistic solutions.

The vision was for groups to go away from this meeting committed to co-developing innovative methodologies and solutions that will support disabled people in their use of these new systems - perhaps even identifying novel applications that will extend the usage of these technologies.

The programme covered an overview of biometric technologies, an assessment of the market opportunities (and in particular those in the financial sector), usability issues, testing, the role of standards, use by elderly, etc.

The conference was sponsored RNIB In association with the International Association for Biometrics, the European Biometrics Forum and the Department of Trade and Industry.


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