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Jim Slater

Jim runs Slater Electronic Services ( which has special expertise in the area of accessibility of television services. He also undertakes the management of research projects, the submission of proposals for research funding to grant making bodies, and the writing and editing of research reports. His company also provides a complete design, writing, editing, printing and distribution service for technical and commercial brochures and newsletters.

Brian Perrett

Brian works as an independent consultant for charities that represent the interests of disabled and older people. Prior to 2000, he managed BT's Age & Disability Action programme where he led the development of BT's consultation programme with disabled and older people.

Katherine Carter

Katherine offers a complete website design and auditing service (, and she is fully conversant with the latest requirements for accessibility of websites.

Chris Sharville

Laker Sharville Design Associates ( offer design and artwork to help clients communicate effectively.

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