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Photograph of a TV with subtitlesSubtitling (closed captioning) is common in many countries, but the methods of implementation vary. In the UK on analogue television the subtitles are available on channel 888 of teletext in 4 lines of up to 36 characters per line. The text is displayed at less than 140 words per minute which can mean that the dialogue is shortened. On analogue television the typeface is a mosaic one, but on digital terrestrial television the Tiresias Screenfont is used, a typeface especially designed for legibility in the TV application.

All digital TV receivers and set top boxes in the UK provide for the display of subtitling. It is advisable to choose a receiver where the subtitle service can be selected directly from a dedicated button on the remote control, rather than via a menu system.

Ofcom recommendations for the presentation of subtitles include:

Checklist for subtitling



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