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What is vein recognition?

Verification of a person's identity by recognizing the pattern of blood veins in the palm (number of veins, their position and the points at which they cross). The pattern of blood veins in the palm is unique to every individual, and apart from size, this pattern will not vary over the course of a person's lifetime.

How does it work?
Using infrared light, this biometric measures the unique blood pattern of veins in the hand. Software then extracts the vein pattern and compares it against patterns already stored in a database.

Used by several Japanese banks (The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi and Suruga Bank) for customer authentication at ATM's; The University of Tokyo Hospital, room access security of the Department of Planning, Information and Management; Chiba Institute of Technology (Japan), student ID system that combines contactless palm vein authentication technology and multi-functional smart cards. The above applications use Fujisu's contactless palm vein authentication technology.


Standards under development:

  • ISO/IEC NP 19794-9: Information Technology-Biometric Data Interchange Formats-Part 9: Vascular Biometric Image Data

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