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Tiresias Infofont
A typeface for information labels

There is a need to improve the legibility of information labels on public access terminals, ticket machines, telephone booths, etc. This is particularly so for persons with visual impairments.

Many public terminals are situated in environments where the lighting is changeable or not very good. Many machines and terminals are visually cluttered environments and the controls of many machines are not designed for persons with disabilities. Controls and keypads often reflect glare or use numerals and characters that are difficult to read.

Tiresias Infofont has been designed for use on information labels to help improve legibility. The characters and letterforms have been designed to provide maximum legibility at a reading distance of around 30 to 100 cm.

Infofont has been designed under the direction of Dr John Gill. Extensive information on improving the design of public access terminals for persons with disabilities is available on the website. This includes information on the use of typefaces.

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