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Vision in Action conference presentations

Presentations from

Vision in Action: Accessibility for All to Next Generation Networks

7th February 2008

There are no verbatim proceedings of this conference since the speech-to-text reporter was unable to attend at short notice. However, a summary will be added to this page as soon as it is available.

Below are links to the Powerpoint presentations:

Strategies for incorporating inclusive design: perspective from industry - Tony Graziano, Director Technical and Regulatory Policy Group at EICTA

European i2010 initiative on e-inclusion – Paul Timmers, Head of e-Inclusion Unit, DG Information Society Media

The European Disability Action Plan and Accessibility standardisation – Martina Sindelar, DG Enterprise and Ima Placencia, DG Employment

Ambient Intelligence – Paving the way … How integrated services can deliver a more inclusive society - John Gill, Chief Scientist, RNIB

Summary and closure – Patrick Roe, LEMA-EPFL, Chairman COST 219ter


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