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COST 219

There were three actions (COST 219, COST 219bis and COST 219ter) which were concerned with access to telecommunication systems and services by people with disabilities. They were funded by COST (Cooperation in the fields of science and technology) which is linked to the European Commission.


Standardisation and Legislation with Regard to Ambient Intelligence and Accessibility - Erkki Kemppainen, Kjell Age Bringsrud, Jan Engelen, Chiara Giovannini, Tony Shipley & Hajime Yamada (2008)

Presentations from Vision in Action: Accessibility for All to Next Generation Networks conference - 7th February 2008

Ambient Intelligence - Paving the way... - edited by Dr John Gill (2008)

Involving People With Disabilities in the Standardisation Process - Dr John Gill (2007)

Proceedings of the Extending Horizons conference - 16th January 2007

Cost219ter WG3: Testing and Evaluation - Organisations and Methods - by Anna-Liisa Salminen

Towards an Inclusive Future: Impact and Wider Potential of Information and Communication Technologies - edited by Patrick R. W. Roe

Mobile Devices Heuristic Evaluation Instructions

A Comparison Study between a Heuristic Evaluation Technique and End User Trial for Mobile Phone Accessibility - Edward Chandler, Elizabeth Dixon, Leonor Moniz Pereira and Cristina Espadinha

Short Term Scientific Mission to Sweden - Ilse Bierhoff

List of organisations that test/evaluate telecommunication network services and equipment to be used by disabled and elderly people

Making Life Easier: How new telecommunication services could benefit people with disabilities

EQUAL MEASURES: Closing the Accessibility Gap

COST 219ter Workshop on Scenarios for 2010 - Presentations - Arnhem, March 2004



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