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Towards an inclusive future: Impact and wider potential of information and communication technologies

Photograph of the front cover of Towards An Inclusive Future book

The book is available as a single PDF file (3.6MB), or individual chapters can be accessed in PDF or HTML format below.


Front cover
1 Introduction
2 Current examples of existing products and services for people with disabilities
2.1 Introduction
2.2 New technologies to help people with disabilities and elderly people
2.2.1 Safe navigation with wireless technology
2.2.2 Speech processing
2.3 New remote services
2.3.1 Novel broadband-based services: new opportunities for people with disabilities
2.3.2 Access to video relay services through the Pocket Interpreter (3G) and Internet (IP)
2.3.3 Convenient invocation of relay services
2.3.4 Ways of using mobile telephones by people with dementia
2.3.5 Implementation of an SMS-based emergency service in Finland
2.4 Evolution of text telephony
2.4.1 The recommendations of the Nordic countries regarding functionality for text telephony
2.4.2 Mobile and IP-based text telephony ; Flexible text communication services in Sweden
2.4.3 Mobile text telephony based on GPRS communications
2.5 User participation in technology
2.5.1 Example of procurement specifications: functional specification for terminal procurement in Sweden
3 Smart home environment
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Smart home framework
3.3 Smart home technology
3.4 Products and services
3.5 User interaction
3.6 Realized projects
3.7 Challenges
4 Ambient Intelligence and implications for people with disabilities
4.1 Introduction
4.2 The ISTAG scenarios: a case study
4.3 Ethical and legislative issues with regard to Ambient Intelligence
5 The regulatory scene
5.1 Regulation at the crossroads
5.2 eAccessibility: European developments and targets
6 The role of evaluation of accessibility
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Evaluation trends
6.3 Mobile phone evaluation toolkit
6.4 Case study: an example of how evaluation may change the design: ATM project in Portugal
6.5 Recommendations
6.6 Opportunities and challenges
6.7 References
7 What obstacles prevent practical broadband applications being produced and exploited?
7.1 Executive summary
7.2 Introduction to interactive management format
7.3 Results
7.4 Discussion of the results
7.5 References
8 From concept to reality
8.1 New technologies
8.2 The development process
8.3 Legislation and regulation as drivers
8.4 Conclusions
I Scenarios for people who are not able to see
II Glossary of acronyms used in the book
III List of authors and members of COST 219ter
IV Further information

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