Committees and Appointments


Current Appointments

  • Accessible Personalised Services in PDTS for All

  • Brunel University, School of Engineering and Design
    Honorary Professor Associate

  • BSI CH/173 Committee on technical systems and aids for disabled or handicapped persons

  • BSI ICT/00-/06 Committee on ICT accessibility co-ordination

  • BSI IST/17 Committee on cards and personal identification

  • BSI IST/043/0-/05 Committee on readability

  • BSI IST/44 Committee on biometrics

  • BSI IST/44 WG6 Cross jurisdictional and societal aspects of biometrics

  • BSI MS/4/-/10 Committee on inclusive design

  • BSI PKW/000/0-/05 Committee on product identification (braille)

  • BSI PKW/000/0X Committee on packaging
  • BSI SVS/007/04 Committee on metering and billing services

  • CEN TC224 WG6 on the user interface for card-operated systems
    Principal UK Expert

  • CEN Project Team on eAccessibility under Mandate 376

  • Centre for Inclusive Technology and Design

  • Collaborative International Research Centre for Universal Access
    International Fellow

  • Digital Television Group
    Affiliate Member

  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

  • European Biometrics Forum
    Honorary Member

  • European Thematic Network on Assistive Infomration and Communication Technologies

  • HaptiMap Advisory Board

  • I~Design III Steering Committee

  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering
    Associate Editor

  • Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale –
    Expert Advisor

  • Intelligent Transport Society for the United Kingdom –
    Associate Member

  • International Commission for Technology and Accessibility of Rehabilitation International

  • ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37 WG6 Biometrics: Cross-Jurisdictional and Societal Aspects

  • ITS Inclusive Mobility Interest Group

  • Journal of Engineering Design

  • Local Authority Smartcard Standards e-Services Organisation

  • Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness
    Research Advisor

  • PhoneAbility -

  • Renwick College (Sydney)
    Honorary Research Associate

  • Smartcard Networking Forum

  • Smith Kettlewell Rehabilitation Engineering Center Advisory Board (San Francisco)

  • Special Needs Application Program Interface Project Steering Group

  • The Application Home Initiative Health, Telecare and Community Industry Sector Group

  • Transport Card Forum Working Group on Combined Citizen and Transport Card

  • Wireless Technology Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center Advisory Board


Previous Appointments
Chairman of the World Blind Union Research Committee
Vice-chairman of the European Blind Union Commission on Technical Devices and Services, and member of European Blind Union Electronic Money Systems Working Group
Chairman of Warwickshire Association for the Blind
Vice-chairman of the Visual Impairment Association
Information Manager for COST 219 (Future Telecommunication and Teleinformatic Facilities for Disabled and Elderly People), COST 219bis (Telecommunications: Access by Disabled and Elderly People)  and COST 219ter Accessibility for All to Services and Terminals for Next Generation Networks
Executive and Finance & General Purposes Committees of South Regional Association for the Blind
Institute of Grocery Distribution Advisory Working Group on Elderly and Disabled
Foresight Retail & Distribution Panel and Global Electronic Retailing Group
Foresight Taskforce on Applications of Communication and Information Technology to the Ageing Population
eEnvoy Smart Cards Policy Working Group, Smart Cards Standards Working Group and  Smart Cards Security Group
eEnvoy Online Disabled Identity Systems Working Group
e-Government Smart Card Working Group
Transport Card Forum Working Group on Vicinity Cards
Centre for Accessible Environments Committee on ATMs
Joseph Rowntree Foundation Smart Homes Project Advisory Group
Accessibility and User Needs in Transport Project Management Group
British Retinitis Pigmentosa Society - Research Advisor
Housing Care and Support of Older Visually Impaired Persons National Advisory Group
Consumer Forum on Communications
External Assessor for Community Fund Research Grants Programme
I-Design Steering Committee
Inland Revenue Disability Discrimination Act Project Board
Disabilities Information Resources Review Board
National Smart Card Forum Steering Group (Department of Trade and Industry)
National Smart Card Project Reference Group
e-Europe Smart Card Charter Trailblazer on User Interfaces
TCAM Ad Hoc Group on Communication Access for People with Disabilities
UK Representative to Council of Europe Committee of Experts on the Impact of New Technologies on the Quality of Life of Persons with Disabilities
Project leader of the UK Handynet Visual Disability project (funded by Department of Health)
Project leader of the Tide Saturn project on smart cards
Assistant manager of the Tide Mobic project on the application of global positioning systems and geographic information systems to help visually disabled persons
Assistant manager of the Tide Access project on user-adaptable computer interfaces for persons with disabilities
Assistant manager of the Tide Guib project on access to graphical user interfaces by blind people
Tide Core project on analysis of the European market for assistive technology
Project Management Group of the Concerted Action on Technology and Blindness funded by the Commission of the European Community
Management Group for European Vistel project on screenphones
Bionic Project Management Group
Medi-Voice Management Board
Centre for 3D Electronic Commerce project
Tide Market Survey
Group of Experts for the Tide workplan for the Fourth Framework Programme
Lambda Project Management Committee
Tactile Display and Associated Software for Deafblind People Project Board of Management
Information Technology Accessibility Guidelines for Service Providers Advisory Group
Information manager for European Include project on including the needs of disabled and elderly people in the design of telematic systems and services
Research and Information for Disabled and Elderly Consumers Advisory Group on Telephones
Ambient Intelligence System of Agents for Knowledge-based and Integrated Services for Mobility Impaired Users Core Group
No Limits Project Steering Group
Chairman of PhoneAbility Working Group on Visual Impairment
UK Displays and Lighting Knowledge Transfer Network - Strategic End User Support Services Group
UK Displays and Lighting Knowledge Transfer Network - Health and Safety, Standards and Best Practice Group
Big Lottery Fund - Peer Reviewer
Millennium Awards Advisor
Judging Panel for Advanced Cards Awards 2000, 2001 and 2002
Judging Panel for Technology Wales 2005 Awards
Judging Panel for GSM Association Awards 2011
Editor of  Braille Automation Newsletter, Braille Research Newsletter, Visual Impairment Newsletter, Technical Development Newsletter, All Inclusive and TelecomForAll.
Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Rehabilitation Engineering
International Journal of Rehabilitation Research Editorial Board
Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness Peer Review Panel
BSI PKW/1/2 Committee on packaging
BSI CH48 Committee on communication aids for people with disabilities
CEN TC261 SC1 WG2 on packaging
CEN TC293 Ad Hoc Group on Communication Aids
CEN/ISSS Project Team on Design for All and Assistive Technologies in ICT
CEN/ISSS Focus Group on Biometric Standardisation
ETSI Task Force on Requirements of Assistive Technology Devices in Information and Communication Technologies
ISO/IEC JTC1 Special Working Group on Accessibility
Presented the Christmas lecture at the Institution of Electrical Engineers as well as serving on a number of their committees
Member of the scientific committees of various international conferences on technology and disability, and chaired at many of these conferences
Visiting Professor at University of Hertfordshire
Awarded the Grimshaw Award by the National Federation of the Blind


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