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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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Complete list of countries

A comprehensive list of agencies, charities and organisations that support blind and partially sighted people, with contact details and information about services and activities.

United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom


Centro de Rehabilitacion para Ciegos Tiburcio Cachon
(Tiburcio Cachon Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind)

Juan Jose Quesada, Montevideo 3666, Uruguay.
Tel: +598 2 200966

Fundacion Braille del Uruguay (FBU)
(Braille Foundation of Uruguay)

Ag German Barbato 1466, Montevideo 11 200, Uruguay.
Contact person: Psic Antonia Irazabal
Tel: +598 2 900 1448
Fax: +598 2 400 0789

Unión Latinaméricana de Ciegos (ULAC)
(Latin American Union of the Blind)
Mercedes 1327, between Ejido and Yaguarón, CP 11.100, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Contact person: Ms. Natalia Guala, Executive Secretary
Tel: +598 2 903 30 22
: The Latin American Union of the Blind is constituted by the organisations of and for the blind of the nineteen countries in the region. Its main goal is to integrate the potential of the more than four million blind and low vision people to the common efforts of the rest of the population in order to improve everybody's quality of life. To achieve this aim, ULAC promotes the unity of visually impaired people at national level through the empowerment of the organisations of the blind by training leaders that are able to direct and administer them in an efficient way. On the other hand, ULAC promotes the establishment of services and the improvement of the existing ones through the work of its specialised commissions - Blindness prevention, Education, Basic functional rehabilitation and low vision rehabilitation, Vocational training and employment, Access to information and culture, Physical education, leisure time and sports, Human rights and legislation, Promotion of blind women, blind young and elderly people- and also in coordination with INGOs that cooperate with the Latin American region. ULAC is divided in five subregions constituted by countries with common features: Mexico and Central America, the Caribbean countries, Andean countries, Brazil and South cone. ULAC publishes quarterly its newsletter "América Latina" (Latin America) in braille, inkprint and audio cassettes and also some other formative and informative materials on blindness issues.

Union Nacional de Ciegos del Uruguay (UNCU)
(National Union of the Blind of Uruguay)

Mercedes No 1327, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Contact person: Carlos Martinez
Tel: +598 2 903 30 22
Activities: To defend the rights of blind and partially sighted persons. To unify the social cause of the blind and partially sighted with a view to their protection, or rehabilitation in all the areas of activity in society. Disseminate information about and to blind and partially sighted persons. Research for various projects, with national and/or international support, that result in significant benefits for the blind and partially sighted persons in Uruguay.


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