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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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Complete list of countries

A comprehensive list of agencies, charities and organisations that support blind and partially sighted people, with contact details and information about services and activities.

Sao Tome and Principe
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
Slovak Republic
Solomon Islands
South Africa
Sri Lanka
St Kitts and Nevis
St Lucia
St Vincent and the Grenadines


National Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind (NRCB)
PO Box 271, Khartoum North, Sudan.
Tel: +249 11 613212
Activities: NRCB is a daycentre where visually handicapped adults are rehabilitated. It is the first of its kind in North Sudan. Its aims include teaching blind and partially sighted adults to regain their independence in every possible way (currently 50 men and women are following courses): including Braille, maths, daily living skills and mobility, sport, typing, gardening and poultry keeping, carpentry and leatherwork; Educating the public about visually handicap; Creating job opportunities; Setting up a documentation programme on research papers and books related to all aspects of visual impairment. It is planned that small centres will be opening around the country for teaching basic subjects such as Braille and daily living skills. The organization has also established a Credit Fund Programme (CFP) to assist blind and partially sighted rehabilitees to set up small income-generating activities. Training in simple business management, marketing and planning is also offered.

Sudanese National Association of the Blind
PO Box 271, Khartoum North, Sudan.
Contact persons: Ms. Nahid Mohammed Khairy and Awad Mustafa
Tel: +249 13 33 76 66 or +249 185 334 044
Fax: +249 13 33 30 73 or +249 185 338 074
Activities: Departments include: Social affairs, Education, Sport, Cultural, Information, Foreign Relations, Women's affairs, Internal affairs and Regional affairs.


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