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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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Helen Keller International - Nepal
PO Box 3752, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Contact person: Zaman Talukder, Interim Country Director
Tel: +977 1 480921
Fax: +977 1 480234
Activities: The major emphasis of the work of HKI-Nepal has been to prevent nutritional blindness caused by vitamin A deficiency and improve vitamin A status through supplementation and increased consumption of vitamin A-rich foods, and to promote primary eye care, particularly for the elimination of blinding trachoma as well as to provide rehabilitation and skill opportunities to persons with visual impairments.

Nepal Association for the Welfare of the Blind (NAWB)
GPO Box 3255, Tripuresworr, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Contact person: Kumar Thapa, Vice Chairman
Tel: +977 1 246583
Fax: +977 1 226057
Activities: The Nepal Association for the Welfare of the Blind is a national NGO involved in offering rehabilitation services to the blind: medical rehabilitation for prevention, cure & reversal of blindness; education: integrated special education, production of braille textbooks, training of special education teachers for the blind; economic rehabilitation through vocational training and interest free loan for income generation; social integration in the respective society through social skills; community awareness and all aspects of development.

Nepal Association of the Blind
G.PO Box 7715, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Contact person: Prem Krishna Pathak and Nar Bahadur Limbu
Tel: +977 1 443 7653
Web: and
Activities: To protect and promote the rights, interests and welfare of the blind; To develop leadership qualities and personalities of the blind; To promote public awareness and advocacy; To establish and develop fraternal relationship with national and international organizations working with the blind and others; To provide better academic and technical education to the blind people to make them able to access the employment market.


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