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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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Ghaqda Maltija ta' l-Ghomja
(Malta Blind Union)
43/6 Strait Street, Valletta, Malta.
Contact person: John Peel, Chairman
Tel: +356 225336
Activities: To create public awareness about the needs and capabilities of blind and partially blind persons. To provide help and assistance to blind and partially blind persons, with the objective of encouraging participation and integration in society. To offer training and educational facilities and to assist in the running of a Centre for Handicrafts and free library service of Taped Recordings. To maintain relationships with other local and foreign organistations.

Foundation for ICT Accessibility
Gattard House, National Road, Blata I-Bajda, Malta HMR9010.
Tel: +356 25 992 048
Activities: The Foundation for Technology Accessibility (FITA) is the principal advocate and coordinator for making information communications technology (ICT) accessible for disabled people in the Maltese islands. Our information services assist disabled individuals in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology that is intended to maintain, or improve the individual’s quality of life.  FITA’s principle function is to provide support to disabled individuals in overcoming or removing barriers to education and employment through ICT. Through empowerment and social inclusion disabled persons need to rely less on family and state support. In ensuring that due steps are taken to minimise the digital divide, we aim to enable individuals to contribute productively to society and the economy.

Malta Society of the Blind
81, Brighella Street, Sta. Venera HMR 18, Malta.
Contact person: Mr. Ron Colombo, President
Tel: +356 21 251 965
Fax: +356 21 23 5257

Torball Blind Association
37 St Paul Street, Rabat, RBT 12, Malta.
Contact person: Mr. Joe Micallef, President
Tel: +356 21 452964
Activities: To improve by all possible and legitimate means the level of education and standard of living of visually impaired persons in Malta and Gozo; To encourage the participation of visually impaired persons in sporting and cultural activities which are compatible with their disability; To use all legitimate means to protect the rights and to assure the welfare of the visually impaired and their dependents; To cooperate with all Societies and Associations for persons with disabilities in Malta and Gozo and to establish relations, cooperate and coordinate with regional and international bodies having similar aims as the Torball Blind Association.


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