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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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Jamiyat Al Kafif
(Association for the Blind (ABB))
PO Box 583, Benghazi, Libya.
Contact person: Mr. Mohamed Ali Soud and Abdalla Abbar
Tel: +218 61 909 5666 or +218 61 909 00404
Fax: +218 61 909 5831 or +218 61 949 6831
Activities: A non governmental organisation established in 1961. Aiming to provide complete services to people with visual impairment. Provides a wide range of social and psychological services. Operates a residential and a day school from 1st to 21st grades, with an office that supports students already in mainstream education. Runs active talking books studio and Braille press (traditional and computerised). Recently opened a computer lab where Braille devices and Screen Readers may be used. Runs a library and in the progress of developing an electronic library. Supports all blind students pursuing their studies at the universities and higher institutes. Vocationally, it provides tailored training courses in traditional industries, telephone operations, vocational rehabilitation for newly blind and school leavers.

Noor Society of the Blind
PO Box 3770, Triploi, Libya.
Contact person: El-Ariffi Massaud Hassan
Tel: +218 21 483 3583
Fax: +218 21 483 3581


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