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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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Iranian Society of Ophthalmologists and Vision Scientists (ISOV)
139A Charles Street, Suite 197, Boston, MA 02114, USA.
Activities: ISOV is a non-profit organization. ISOV strives to promote scientific collaboration among Ophthalmologists and Vision Scientists of Iranian heritage in the U.S., Europe, and throughout the world; to provide a resource for those seeking mentorship and advice; to enhance patient care through referrals and consultations, and to enhance friendship and collegiality among members.

Iranian Society of the Blind
No. 10 Hassan Tash Alley Aghamir (Darros) Ave., Kolahdooz (Dowlat) ST, Tehran, Iran.
Contact person: Mr Ali Akbar Jamali, Managing Director
Tel: +98 21 225 600 60
Fax: +98 21 225 602 55
Activities: Hosts educational seminars and conferences, aids the welfare of blind and partially sighted people by offering assistance and guidance on social rights and offers consultative services.

Roodaki Center for the Blind
No. 53, Zahiroleslam St., Baharestan Square, Jomhouri St., Tehran 11469149-11, Iran.
Contact person: Amir H. Soleimani, Head of Computer Department
Tel: +98 21 3311 2152
Fax: +98 21 3311 1294
Activities: Production of up to 3000 Farsi, Arabic, English and music titles in Braille, professional design and audio record of up to 3000 books, country-wide distribution network for cassettes and Braille books, Braille Library with over 4000 members, audio cassette library, distribution centre for rehabilitation devices, progressive R&D department for utilization of new technology, design and utilization of talking electronic devices such as notebooks and computers, production and utilization of computer controlled magnifiers for low vision study, electronic talking BBS system. These services are being expanded to include production of: personal computers, large print publications, raised text publications for injured war veterans, raised graphic publications for children and scientific text, and raised maps.

Special Education Organization (SEO)
Street address: No. 30, Shahid Mozafar, St. Vali Asr Ave., Tehran, Iran.
Postal address: PO Box 14155-3334, Tehran 14164, Iran.
Contact person: Mr. Mohammad B. Bagheri, International Relations Director
Phone: +98 21 6412015
Fax: +98 21 6412130
Activities: Main tasks include compiling books, staff development, inclusive and integrated education, vocational skills training, assessment planning and research activities.

State Welfare Organization
Fayazbakhsh Street, PO Box 11365-9187, Tehran, Iran.
Contact person: Manoochehr Edalati Darvish
Tel: +98 21 6706984
Fax: +98 21 6702197
Web: /
Activities: Social rehabilitation including providing equal opportunities and providing special training, vocational rehabilitation and mental rehabilitation services.


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