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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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Centro de Rehabilitacion Para Ciegos
Centre for the Blind 'Louis Braille', Col Villaflorencia 9, Avenue 21, Calle San Pedro Sula, Apto Postal 1158, Honduras.
Tel: +504 2239 0202
Activities: Supporting educational services aimed at development of early childhood. Promote alternatives comprehensive literacy and non-formal basic education for youth and adults. Promote vocational training opportunities and training in short courses for youth and adults, based on the needs and expectations of employment and skilled insertion. Contribute to the formation and dissemination of a culture that allows harmonious and equitable coexistence between human beings and the environment. Participate in the development of an educational process that integrates training in civic and moral values.

Unión Nacional de Ciegos de Honduras (UNCIH)
Colonia 21 de Octubre, Sector 9, Bloque 1, Casa 13, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
Contact persons: Mr. Nelson Zamora Morel and Jose Danilo Nunez
Tel: +504 246 2468
Fax: +504 246 2468


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