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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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Asociacion Central de Ciegos de Guatemala (ACCG)
(Association of the Blind of Guatemala)
1 Calle 2-03, Zona 2, Guatemala City, CP 01001, Guatemala.
Tel: +502 221 3614
Fax: +502-221 3614

Asociacion Nacional de Ciegos de Guatemala
(National Association of the Blind of Guatemala)

3a Avenida 7-84, Zona 11, Guatemala CA, Guatemala.
Contact person: Gilberto Morales
Tel: +502 2 471 2817
Fax: +502 2 471 2817

Comite pro Ciegos y Sordos de Guatemala
(National Committee for the Blind and the Deaf of Guatemala)

Diagonal 21, 19-19, zona 11, Guatemala City, Guatemala.
Tel: +502 2253 8601
Activities: Association that focusses on preventive, medical, social, educative services, rehabilitation and social improvement.


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