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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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Eesti Pimedate Liit
(Estonian Federation of the Blind)

Lai 9, Tallinn 10133, Estonia.
Contact persons: Anne-Mall Kroon and Ago Kivilo
Tel: +372 6411 972
Fax: +372 6411 831
Activities: Main activities include: communication on the government level, participating in the legislation concerning people with visual impairment as well as in the work of government committees (e.g. on education, rehabilitation, assisting equipment), introducing and informing the public of our system, communicating with respective unions abroad, serving the interests of the blind and providing them with all possible assistance, including vocational training, education, medical care and rehabilitation, publishing information and literature in Braille and on tape.

Eesti Pimedate Raamatukogu
(Estonian Libray for the Blind)

Tondi 8a, 11313 Tallinn, Estonia.
Tel: +372 6 748 965; +372 6 748 212
Fax: +372 6 748 213
Activities: Production of Braille and audio material for loan to the blind and visually impaired in Estonia.

Eesti Pimekurtide Tugiliit
(Estonian Support Union of the Deafblind)
Ehte 7, 10318 Tallinn, Estonia.
Contact person: Maarja Kirsberg, Chairwoman
Tel: +372 6 748 497
Fax: +372 6 748 497
Activities: Objectives include: protecting the legal rights and interests of deafblind people; Pedagogical and social rehabilitation of children and adults and improving their quality of life; Training teachers and partners working with the deafblind; Gathering the necessary information on deafblindness and organising co-operation between legal entities and private persons in fields relating to deafblindness.

Estonian Blind Association
Vene 7, Tallinn 10101, Estonia.

Tallinna Heleni Kool
(Tallinn Helen School)

Ehte 7, Tallinn 10318, Estonia.
Contact person: Airi Puss
Tel: +372 6055 490
Fax: +372 6055 491
Activities: Tallinn Helen School is a public school for children with sensory impairments. The service area includes Tallinn and northern part of Estonia. The school provides education for children with hearing and visual impairments, deafblind and multiple disabilities. The structure includes pre-school for children with sensory impairments. In 2009 there were 166 students in the school and 51 children at the pre-school. There is also a consultation centre for visually impaired children studying at ordinary schools.


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