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Fundashon Pro Bista Korsou
(Foundation Pro Vision Curaçao)

Corrieweg 16, Netherlands Antilles, Curaçao.
Contact person: Esther Winklaar, Manager
Tel: +599 737 4020 or +599 737 9222
Fax: +599 737 9728
Activities: Teaching Braille to adults, training in the use of long cane, home-teaching, orientation & mobility training, low vision support, enlargement of school books, transcriptions into Braille on request, social welfare services and handicraft. A library providing Talking Books, lectures in Braille and enlarged letters. A studio taping cassettes in our native language "Papiamentu" for the clients who are partially sighted and blind for whom it is easier to listen to literature in Papiamentu. Materials being taped are short stories, poems, and recipes.


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