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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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Asociacion Nacional del Ciego
(National Association of the Blind)
Calle1 No 201 entre Linea y 11, Vedado, Municipio Plaza de la Revolucion, Apartado 4129, CP 10400, La Habana, Cuba.
Contact person: Amado Gonzalez Landa
Tel: +537 832 0449

Biblioteca Nacional José Marti
(José Marti National Library)
Avenue Independencia y 20 Mayo, Plaza de Revolucion, Havana 6670, Cuba.
Tel: +537 555 442
Fax: +537 816 224
Activities: The Braille room of the José Martí National Library provides services to meet the information needs of the visually impaired. In addition, it makes human, bibliographic and technological resources available to library users. Also offers Cultural Outreach which is aimed at providing services to those people that do not have the opportunity to visit the institution because of their mobility, age or other pathological conditions.


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