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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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Croatian Association of the Blind

Draskoviceva 80, POB 736, 100000 Zagreb.
Contact persons: Vojin Peric and Tomislav Juzbasic
Tel: +385 1 4812 501
Fax: +385 1 4812 507
Activities: Main activities include: Improving education, rehabilitation and employment of the blind and visually impaired; Improving their habitual and general social care; Providing and teaching the use of technical aids for every-day life and work; Providing social activities such as, Braille and audio literature production, multipurpose magazines, rent-a-book library, music, acting and radio amateur groups, also sport and chess; To disseminate information about blindness prevention.

Croatian Association of Deafblind Persons (DODIR)
(Hrvatska Udruga Gluhoslijepih Osoba)

Vodnikova 8, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.
Contact person: Mrs Sanja Tarczay, President
Tel: +385 1 4875 431
Fax: +385 1 4875 432
Activities: Croatian Association of Deafblind Persons "DODIR" is a non-profitable, national organization. Programmes include research and development for the improvement of deafblind peoples' quality of life: education, rehabilitation and occupational therapy; Continuous training of staff, volunteers and associates; DODIR Support Service; Courses in Croatian sign-language; Advisory support service, Seminars and campaigns and DODIR Multimedia Service.

Croatian Association of Long Cane Friends "HOMER"
Jelacicev trg 1/2, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia.
Contact person: Marija Hack, Principal
Tel: +385 51 211 607
Fax: +385 51 211 607
Activities: The association’s mission is a continuous social integration of blind and visually impaired children, youth and other visually impaired people by increasing their quality of life during the aging process as well as achieving public awareness towards the problems faced by visually impaired people. 

Croatian Guide Dog and Mobility Association
Trg bana Jelacica 3/1, HR-10 000 Zagreb, Croatia.
Contact person: Mrs. Mira Katalenic, President
Tel: +385 1 48 16 155
Fax: +385 1 48 16 155
Activities: As the only non-profit organization in Croatia that has developed rehabilitation programs incorporating guide and service dogs for the mobility of blind and other persons with disabilities and children with developmental difficulties.

Hrvatski Knjiznica za Slijepe
(Croatian Library for the Blind)
PO Box 231, Draskoviceva 80, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.
Contact person: Mrs. Sanja Frajtag, Director
Tel: +385 1 64 44 041
Fax: +385 1 64 44 040
Activities: Audio and Braille production and lending library with over 20000 examples. Library issues 9 audio and 5 Braille magazines. The books and magazines are digitally recorded by the blind recording professionals, copied to Cd's and shipped by post, free of charge, to the print disabled persons in Croatia and abroad. Library also organizes various events and promotes literacy and creativity among the visually impaired persons. Library is associate member of the Daisy consortium and member of IFLA LPD Section.


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