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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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Associaçao Nacional de Apoio Aos Deficientes Visuais (ANADV)
(National Association of Support of the Blind)
Rua Comandante Bula No.125 - Entrepiso, Caixa Postal 14040 Luanda, Angola.
Contact person: Mr. D. Manuel Domingos Tiago, President; Ms Odette Ryamund
Tel: +244 2 449 229
Support for the visually impaired and assistance with integration into Angolan society. Services to help the visually impaired to adjust to loss of sight and to live independently in their community. Organising employment such as carpentry, photocopying and plastisization.


Associaçao Nacional de Cegos e Ampblyopes de Angola (ANCAA)
Complexo da Cidadela Desportiva, pilares 42/44 Rua Soba Mandume, Bairro nelito Soares, Angola.
Contact person: Venceslau Mujinga, President
Tel: +244 912 757 012, +244 923 259 553, +244 924 260 935


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